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The DuPage County Division of Transportation (DuDOT) is planning the route of the East Branch DuPage River Trail from the Illinois Prairie Path (IPP) to Butterfield Road (IL 56). 

This project is currently in a Phase I Study during which several design alternatives are under development. Environmental and engineering studies will be conducted to determine a route for the EBDRT. 


Project Location

This EBDRT project connects the Illinois Prairie Path on the north to the Butterfield Road (IL 56) multi-use path on the south. This project is approximately 4.3 miles long, generally along the East Branch DuPage River (EBDR) or nearby public right-of-way where the EBDR is inaccessible. The study area is bounded by I-355 on the east and IL 53 on the west.

Purpose and Need

Once complete, this section of the EBDRT will connect DuPage County residents to numerous recreational, commercial, and community destinations along the EBDRT. The trail will also connect to the larger regional non-motorized network via the Illinois Prairie Path, I-88 Central DuPage Bikeway, and Butterfield Road multi-use path. 



Maximize recreational benefits


Support multimodal travel


Improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety


Use natural setting near river, if possible


Achieve low-impact and cost-effective solution


Project Milestones

Phase I (Preliminary Engineering) | 2024-2025

  • Collect data and evaluate existing conditions

  • Develop purpose and need

  • Conduct initial alternative analysis

  • Hold Public Information Meeting #1 to gain stakeholder input on concerns, needs and alternatives

  • Complete alternative evaluation

  • Identify route

  • Hold Public Information Meeting #2 to gain stakeholder input on proposed improvement plan

  • Refine proposed improvement plan, incorporating public feedback

  • Document and obtain preliminary design approval

Phase II (Design Engineering) | 2026-2027

  • Obtain final approval for design and engineering plans.

  • Acquire land (if needed). 

Phase III (Construction) | TBD

  • The construction start date will depend on plan readiness, funding availability and the status of any needed land acquisition. 


Several alternatives have been identified to meet project goals.  The study team would like stakeholder input on identified alternatives and any new ideas for consideration. You can provide input in Station 3. Notable alternatives are summarized below.

IPP to Roosevelt Road
(IL 38)

  • Use FPDDC and ComEd access roads where available

  • Use higher ground along Tollway ROW for trail usability (ground varies, but the 5-year level of flood protection or greater is predicted to flood less than 1 day per year).

  • Avoid impacts to Tollway detention, wetland, floodplain mitigation sites as feasible.

  • Use Glen Oak Forest Preserve berm separating lagoons from EBDR, however Phase I hydraulic analysis required to determine feasibility with existing ground less than the 2-year level of flood protection.

ComEd ROW Between
IL 38 and 22nd Street

The ComEd transmission corridor between Roosevelt Road and 22nd Street was originally identified as an ideal location for a future path. However, after further investigation by the project team it was determined that safety requirements are likely to constrict the range of route options under consideration.

West Alternative (IL 53) Between IL 38 and IL 56

  • Along the west or east IL 53 ROW from IL 38 to IL 56.

East Alternative (Local Roads to ComEd ROW) between IL 38 and IL 56

  • Along the east IL 53 ROW from IL 38 to Glenbard Road

    • Glenbard Road east to Sunnybrook Road 

    • Sunnybrook Road south to the GWA north property line

    • East over the EBDR to ComEd ROW just north of 22nd Street, then

    • Within the ComEd ROW south to meet the IL 56 multi-use path.  (The ComEd ROW south of 22nd Street does not have critical flaw like north of 22nd Street.)

Have Ideas on Other Alternatives?

Share your ideas! Let us know in Station 3 below. 


Visit the Project Website

Learn about the project, download documents and share your ideas. 

Attend the Meeting
Two public information meetings will be held to gain stakeholder feedback. Details are still being determined and will be posted on this website.

  • Public Information Meeting #1 to gain stakeholder input on concerns, needs, and range of alternatives. 

  • Public Information Meeting #2 to gain stakeholder feedback on the preliminary route concepts. 



Once Public Information Meeting #1 is scheduled, a survey on trail use will go live. 


Add a Public Comment

Once the Public Information Meeting date is determined and the comment period is opened, an interactive map will be provided for the public to share comments, provide ideas, and see what others are saying about EBDRT from the Illinois Prairie Path to IL 56.  Until that time, a static aerial map is provided below as a temporary placeholder where you may zoom into any areas of interest. 


If you have other questions or comments, please visit the Contact page

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