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East Branch DuPage River Trail Pre-Phase I Study Begins

Published: July 2019

The DuPage County Division of Transportation (County) has initiated a Pre-Phase I Study for the East Branch DuPage River Trail (EBDRT) from the Great Western Trail to Butterfield Road. The objective of the Pre-Phase I Study is to evaluate EBDRT alternatives and identify a corridor to carry forward into future engineering studies and construction. The ultimate goal of the study is to generate consensus among stakeholder agencies to determine a trail corridor that can be feasibly constructed. After determining a constructible trail corridor, the agencies will pursue grant funding opportunities to fund the EBDRT's construction.


The benefits of the trail are numerous. It will connect the Illinois Prairie Path and Great Western Trail in a part of DuPage County where no such connection currently exists. In addition to improving connectivity, the EBDRT will improve the quality of life for DuPage residents by connecting them to invaluable recreational opportunities along the East Branch of the DuPage River. 

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